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Tier 1 Screening

The trunks and branches identified in the Long List of Alternatives were evaluated using Tier 1 screening criteria. The Tier 1 screening criteria included:

• Does the alternative meet the project's stated Purpose and Need?
• Will the alternative be reasonable to build, operate and maintain relative to other alternatives?
• Can the alternative be built to the correct design and safety specifications within the proposed right-of-way?

Upon completion of this initial screening, 12 alternatives emerged from the Long List. These alternatives followed three elevated trunks to reach the King of Prussia Mall: the U.S. Route 202 trunk; the PECO trunk; and the PECO/PA Turnpike trunk. From the Mall, each alternative followed a series of different elevated branches to other destinations in the King of Prussia area.

In response to comments received from stakeholders and the public, SEPTA also explored the possibility of 12 at-grade alternatives. The at-grade alternatives were evaluated using the same Tier 1 screening criteria as the elevated alternatives.

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