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Tier 3 Screening

The final tier of the alternatives analysis and environmental screening, Tier 3, will carry the best alternatives from Tier 2 into a process that includes more detailed design, analysis of impacts, potential mitigation opportunities, and coordination with the public and stakeholders. Five Build Alternatives are currently progressing for further analysis in Tier 3. Tier 3 will also include the announcement of a Recommended Locally Preferred Alternative (Recommended LPA) for review and comment by the public and stakeholders. If it is determined the Recommended LPA best satisfies the stated needs for the project while minimizing overall impacts to the community, it will advance as the LPA for inclusion in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (Draft EIS), and for consideration and approval by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

Project Mapping Icon Links to five Build Alternatives are shown below
Route 202 arrowPECO/TP - 1st Ave. Alternative
PECO Turnpike arrowPECO/TP - N. Gulph Alternative
PECO arrowPECO - 1st Ave.Alternative
Route 202 arrowRoute 202 - 1st Ave. Alternative
Route 202 arrowRoute 202 - N. Gulph Alternative
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